Rzeczowniki (osoby)

Jak nazywają się ci ludzie? Uzupełnij zdania rzeczownikami. Użyj słów w zdaniach jako pomoc w tworzeniu nowych słów.

1. I love magic, I would like to become a in the future.
2. She takes photos like a professional and she isn’t. She is just an amateur.
3. If you do voluntary work you are a .
4. My grandma is a . She doesn’t work any longer and she gets pension from the government.
5. The person who works in a library is called a .
6. –What’s his job? -He creates music professionally, he’s a .
7. Have you ever thought about becoming a ? You’re really good at science.
8. My best friend is also my . I work in his company and I am his employee.
9. Everyone says he is an . He’s addicted to playing computer games.
10. Once I was a in a music band. I played the guitar.
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