Rzeczowniki od czasowników (1)

Utwórz rzeczowniki z podanych czasowników tak aby utworzyć logiczne zdanie.

1. In the museum in Warsaw there is a very interesting modern . Shall we go and see it? EXHIBIT
2. Where do you take for your work from? INSPIRE
3. What is our number? Does anyone know? FLY
4. I hate watching TV mainly because of all the that you have to watch before and during the film. ADVERTISE
5. They have very vivid , they are imaginative. IMAGINE
6. Have you made the about the university yet? DECIDE
7. He was expelled from school due to problems with his . BEHAVE
8. What was your biggest to lose so much weight? MOTIVATE
9. She has just finished reading “Crime and ” and she has become Dostoyevsky’ fan. She loves his writing. PUNISH
10. Does always mean more money? Not necessarily, unfortunately. PROMOTE
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