Przymiotniki od rzeczowników (1)

Utwórz przymiotniki z podanych rzeczowników tak aby utworzyć logiczne zdania.

1. Stop eating food, you’ll gain weight. HEALTH
2. This sofa looks so , I think I’ll have a seat. COMFORT
3. Why did you decide to sell this dress? It was so . BEAUTY
4. His family never had much money, they were always quite . POVERTY
5. The city centre has always been very busy and the streets have always been , it’s always been like that. CROWD
6. The music was so that I fell asleep during the concert. PEACE
7. Her family moved in to a new house, her new room is a lot more than it used to be. She's lucky. SPACE
8. We can't help you here, you have to go to hospital, you need help. PROFESSION
9. Have you ever visited countries in Europe? EAST
10. He died of causes. He was just too old to make it. NATURE © 2022 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone