Zaimki/przymiotniki dzierżawcze (1)

Uzupełnij zdania właściwym zaimkiem dzierżawczym.

1. Where’s (I) student book, I can’t find it anywhere.
2. This is a strange animal, (it) tail is so long!
3. He asked me many questions but I couldn’t answer any of them. (he) questions were just so weird!
4. Do you think that (she) parents will let her go out with us tonight.
5. (we) headmaster’s name is Bond, can you believe that!
6. Whose idea was it anyway? It was (you), wasn’t it?
7. Don’t touch anything in that room, it’s all (I).
8. (they) dog’s name is Pinky.
9. Ok, I will admit it, it was all (we) fault.
10. This was the first time I saw the French teacher, what’s (he) name? © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone