Must, have to, make someone do something

Must, have to, make someone do something - transformacje. Użyj słów na końcu linijki aby utworzyć zdania/pytania o takim samym znaczeniu jak zdania/pytania wyjściowe.

1. My teacher makes me write one essay every day. HAVE TO
one essay every day.
2. It's forbidden to use electronic devices here. MUST NOT
You electronic devices here.
3. It's not necessary for me to clean the windows. HAVE TO
the windows.
4. My brother has to walk the dog. MADE
the dog.
5. Her parents don't let her stay up late on weekdays. MUST NOT
She on weekdays.
6. Students are made to read two books every month. HAVE
two books every month.
7. I have to tidy up my bedroom every evening because my parents say so. MAKE
My parents my bedroom every evening.
8. They have to listen to their father. MUST
to their father.
9. The headmaster forced me to apologize to my teacher. MADE
I to my teacher.
10. Was she made to do the washing-up? HAVE
the washing-up?