Życie prywatne - Słowotwórstwo

Utwórz słowa od tych podanych w nawiasach aby uzupełnić zdania.

1. Are you in a (relation) or are you single?
2. What’s your favourite form of (entertain) ?
3. It’s not even November yet and the Christmas (decorate) are already everywhere.
4. Do you want to (wrap) your present and see what is inside?
5. When is her sister’s (birth) ?
6. He asked her to marry him and gave her a beautiful (engage) ring.
7. Does your family (celebrate) Easter?
8. My grandmother has a very special (day) routine, she does everything in a special order every day.
9. I had a very happy (child) , and you?
10. When is the best time to start (prepare) for the wedding?
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