Praca - Słowotwórstwo

Utwórz słowa od tych podanych w nawiasach aby uzupełnić zdania.

1. I love watching (advertise) on TV, they are so funny!
2. She’s been waiting for her (deliver) but the postman hasn’t come yet.
3. Have you filled in your job (apply) yet?
4. Can you tell us what (qualify) you have?
5. This company offered me a (compete) salary so I decided to transfer.
6. What does a (reception) do at work?
7. I do the same things every day, my work is so (monotony) .
8. Is it easy to become a (law) ? Do you have to study a lot?
9. My father is (employ) , only my mum works.
10. In the summer I always do some sort of (season) job, e.g. picking fruit. © 2022 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone