Świat przyrody - Zdania z lukami

Uzupełnij zdania jednym wyrazem w odpowiedniej formie.

1. What's is the best way to the environment?
2. Because it had been snowing heavily for the last couple of days there was an in the mountains. All the snow came down from the top.
3. Illegal has to be stopped, no one has the right to kill animals without permission.
4. We a lot of money for charity last month, it helped a lot of people.
5. During the storm there were thunders that we heard and that we could see.
6. How many of this crime were there? How many people lost their lives?
7. How big is Sahara ?
8. Those species are in danger of which means there are very few of them in the world.
9. During the earthquake the Earth for two minutes.
10. I hate zoos because animals are kept in and they aren't free.
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