Future Simple - zdania (1)

Uzupełnij zdania używając czasowników w nawiasach w odpowiedniej formie.

1. I promise I (give) you the book back as soon as I read it.
2. I think cars (not pollute) the atmosphere as much in the future.
3. Here, I (help) you with the housework.
4. My sister (not find) a job in the next few weeks, that’s my prediction.
5. Probably I (have) three children in the future.
6. Our teacher (not put) up with all that noise.
7. My sister (give) our friend a present from me.
8. What do you think (happen) to us when we are released from prison?
9. My mum says that the weather (not be) nice tomorrow. It (rain).
10. He (not go) to school tomorrow if he’s ill.