Życie społeczne - Systemy prawne i ściganie przestępstw

Uzupełnij zdania.

1. He is not guilty of that crime. He is . He didn’t do it.
2. What is the strictest punishment for what he did? Is it the highest of all – death ?
3. It was painful for his mother to go to and tell the judge during the trial what she knew about her son’s actions.
4. Some of the nowadays are too nice for the criminals. They can feel like in a hotel there, with the TV, a nice bed. The only difference is that they can’t go out.
5. Did anyone see what they have done to you? Are there any who can tell the judge about it?
6. In Poland it is the who decides if the person is guilty or not.
7. I think people shouldn’t lose their life even if they commit the worst crime. I think a better punishment for them would be life .
8. She was accused of stealing the bag from the shop and she needed a who would help her prove that it wasn’t her.
9. We parked in the place where we shouldn’t have so we got a from the police officer five minutes later. We had to pay $100.
10. Is there any in this world? I just think everything is just so unfair!
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