Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect - krótka odpowiedź

Podaj krótką odpowiedź do podanych pytań.

1. Did you go to the post office yesterday? No, .
2. Had the film already started when you came to the cinema? Yes, .
3. Were your parents angry when you came home late last night? Yes, .
4. Did you like the newest “Harry Potter” book? No, .
5. Did your sister use to like playing with dolls when she was little? No, .
6. Was John late for work again? Yes, .
7. Could you ride a horse when you were three years old? Yes, .
8. Was the weather nice when you went skiing? No, .
9. Had Michele gone home when you arrived at the party? No, .
10. Was it snowing last Monday? Yes, . © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone