Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect lub Present Perfect Continuous - krótka odpowiedź

Podaj krótką odpowiedź do podanych pytań.

1. You look terrible, have you been working all night? Yes, .
2. Are you even listening to me?! No, .
3. Does your mum do the washing up every day? No, .
4. Have you seen the newest film by Quentin Tarantino? Yes, .
5. Is Mr. Brown your teacher? No, .
6. Has it rained since last month? Yes, .
7. Are the children waiting outside? No, .
8. Has she been reading your journal for the last five hours? No, .
9. Can you play basketball? Yes, .
10. Do women like team sports? Yes, . © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone