Zdania warunkowe - typ 1 i 2 (1)

Zdania warunkowe (typu 1 i 2). Uzupełnij zdania używając odpowiedniej formy czasowników w nawiasie.

1. If I (be) you I (talk) to someone about it.
2. If you (pat) this dog it (be) your best friend straight away.
3. If you (meet) David Bowie, what (you/ask) him?
4. I (buy) a Ferrari if I (be) rich.
5. She (phone) you when she (get) back from holidays.
6. I (not feel) like going out if I (not feel) well.
7. It (be) fantastic if you (be) here with me right now. But unfortunately you aren't.
8. When you (come) to the party you (meet) all of my friends.
9. The teacher (be) grateful if the students (help) him more often. Maybe in the future…
10. I (not be) surprised if I (see) Monica together with Mark.
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