Konstrukcja It's (high) time + Past Simple (2)

Uzupełnij luki poprawną formą czasownika w nawiasie.

1. It's high time Paul (try) something new and stepped outside his comfort zone.
2. It's high time you (communicate) with your family and friends more often.
3. It's time my kids (explore) different cultures and (learn) learned about the world around them.
4. It's high time we all (take) responsibility for our own actions.
5. It's time you (practise) your creative skills.
6. It's high time the media (report) facts objectively and accurately.
7. It's time you (invest) more in your education.
8. It's time they all (broaden) their perspectives.
9. It's time Gina (apologise) to Sam.
10. It's high time students (improve) their behaviour.
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