Życie prywatne - Zdania z lukami (1) (HARD)

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1. A child who doesn’t have parents is an .
2. Last year during the New Year’s Eve I watched on the sky at midnight.
3. During a wedding a groom is marrying a .
4. A babysitter care of children.
5. When you are thirteen years old you are a .
6. Your wife’s mother is your .
7. Come on, it’s your birthday, just make a wish and blow out on your birthday cake. It’s a tradition!
8. I love playing games such as chess. It’s great fun!
9. My best friend and her boyfriend have just got married and they are going on their next month! This is their first trip as a married couple.
10. Last week my grandparents celebrated their wedding . They have been married for 50 years!

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