Pytania pośrednie (czasownik to be)

Uzupełnij luki w pytaniach pośrednich.

1. Where are you from?
I'd like to know from.
2. Is Adam good at maths?
I wonder good at maths.
3. Are you both sure that you want to sell your car?
I would like to know both sure that you want to sell your car.
4. Which question was difficult to answer?
Could you tell me difficult to answer?
5. Where were you yesterday?
I'd like you to tell me yesterday.
6. Why is George angry with his brother?
Do you happen to know angry with his brother?
7. Was the book interesting for you?
I'm curious interesting for you.
8. Were there any pictures in the room?
I'd like to know any pictures in the room.
9. Why was Alice late for school?
I need to know late for school.
10. How much is this blue shirt?
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