Many, much, few, a few, little, a little (2)

Uzupełnij luki wpisując: many, much, few, a few, little lub a little.

1. I had to make a decision right away, I didn't even have minutes to think over all the pros and cons.
2. Linda needs more days to finish the project. She'll call you then.
3. I need salt, the soup is a bit bland.
4. There were very people at the concert. I was very surprised because I was sure that the hall would be packed.
5. Gary always tries to use water when he takes a shower because he wants to protect the environment.
6. Fortunately, things were damaged in the fire because we managed to save most of them.
7. Let's hurry up because we've got time.
8. How pairs of shoes are you going to take? We're only staying here for a few weeks.
9. I'm sorry, but I don't have money with me, so I can't lend you any.
10. Why don't you show patience for Jimmy? He's only two years old. © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone