Kultura - Środki masowego przekazu (HARD)

Uzupełnij luki wpisując do każdej jeden wyraz (pełna forma). Dla ułatwienia pierwsza litera została podana.

1. Sandra likes being a freelance because she can choose subjects of articles that she writes. (J)
2. Can you recommend a good website ? I'd like to start my own blog and online shop, but I have no idea how to do it so I need professional help. (D)
3. Sir Anthony Hopkins is, so far, the oldest who was the Oscar award winner ? he was 83 then. (A)
4. Did you hear the TV talking about the latest events that took place in our city last night? (P)
5. Oliver is a war and during his last contract in Afghanistan, his live commentary was broadcast by all major TV stations. (R)
6. I really enjoy listening to this particular sports during the biggest sports events. He's got great knowledge and always gives plenty of interesting facts about the players. (C)
7. How many were there during the last match? It looked like there was a full stadium of people. (S)
8. Famous people usually don't like who follow them and try to take candid photos which are later published in gossip magazines. (P)
9. I can't miss a film with my favourite . I'm going to the cinema tonight to see her in a new comedy-drama. (A)
10. Some haven't achieved anything spectacular, but they earn money by showing in public, taking part in shows and advertising different products on social media. (C)
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