Świat przyrody - Zwierzęta (HARD) (1)

Uzupełnij luki wpisując jeden wyraz do każdej luki. Pierwsza litera została podane na końcu zdania.

1. As far as I know, it's not possible to swim with in Poland. However, there are some places in Europe where you can do it, eg. in Turkey. (D)
2. An is one of the birds which is active at night. (O)
3. Have you ever tried riding a ? It's so much fun! (H)
4. The blue whale is the biggest that has ever lived on Earth. (M)
5. Do you think it's true that a is man's best friend? (D)
6. Look, isn't it a hummingbird? It's the smallest in the world. (B)
7. My younger brother, Joshua, hates . He thinks the cobwebs that they make are simply disgusting! (S)
8. Contrary to popular belief, an doesn't hide its head in the sand when it feels threatened. (O)
9. My grandparents used to have that they kept in a barn next to their house. (C)
10. A shepherd dog is a special type of a dog which helps to herd to the farm. (S)
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