Czasowniki modalne - Can / could / shall - oferty i sugestie

Uzupełnij luki w zdaniach używając can / could lub shall.

1. we order a pizza tonight? I have no idea what to cook for dinner.
2. It's the first time Eve has come back home later than she had been allowed to. we let it off this time? I'm sure she won't do it anymore.
3. This bag looks really heavy. I carry it for you?
4. Oh you have ludo! we play it tonight? I love this game and I haven't played it for ages!
5. I'm going to the theatre to buy the tickets for tomorrow's performance. I buy one for you?
6. Maybe we choose our wedding invitations at the weekend if you don't have any other plans?
7. we wait for you while you go to the job agency or will we meet at home?
8. - I can't stay that long, it's already dark outside at 10 p.m. - We walk you home if that makes you feel safer. No problem, really.
9. I buy you a drink? There's a nice restaurant near here.
10. we watch the tennis finals in the evening? It's going to be an exciting match. © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone