Zdania warunkowe - typ 0 (2)

Uzupełnij zdania warunkowe używając czasowników w nawiasach w poprawnej formie.

1. If you (not pay) attention at the lectures, you (need) to catch up and search for information on your own.
2. If the hotel guests (damage) the room, we (charge) them for repairs.
3. If Monica (not know) how to install the programme, she always (call) the helpdesk.
4. Even when their children (behave) in a really naughty way, Anna and Mark (not lose) their temper.
5. People usually (feel) much happier when spring (come) .
6. If the guests (not be) satisfied with the service at the restaurant, they (not leave) a tip.
7. If you (not have) valid car insurance, a police officer (take) away your vehicle licence during an inspection.
8. Whenever Sally (think) about testifying in court, she (get) a terrible stomachache.
9. If you (want) to lose weight, (not eat) in the evenings.
10. We always (choose) a package holiday when we (go) on a trip abroad.
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