Strona czynna i bierna (Czasowniki modalne: must, should, can)

Uzupełnij zdania wpisując odpowiednią formę czasowników w nawiasach.

1. I’m sorry I (meet) you at the moment. I’m working on an important project.
2. That assignment (hand in) to the teacher by tomorrow. It is obligatory.
3. I don’t think that this is the only possible solution. This problem (solve) in some other ways, too.
4. Do you really want to know my opinion? I think you (break up) with Michael.
5. Alcohol (sell) to people under 18. It’s illegal.
6. Hey, Mark, (you / help) me with these suitcases? They’re really heavy.
7. As far as I’m concerned, children (leave) home alone. They might hurt themselves.
8. Ok, I guess that’s all. Or are there any other issues that (discuss) ? What do you think?
9. When you are in the library, you (be) quiet. That’s the rule.
10. Unfortunately this CD player (repair) . It’s impossible. © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone