Past Simple i Past Perfect (4)

Uzupełnij zdania poprawną formą czasowników w nawiasach.

1. I (not / be) interested in modern art until I (visit) the Museum of Contemporary Art in Kraków.
2. By the time Mark (turn) 10 years old, he (learn) three foreign languages.
3. Before the children (have) lunch, they (eat) two packets of crisps and a bar of chocolate.
4. My grandparents (travel) to many countries until they finally (decide) to settle in Ohio.
5. I wanted to help mum in the kitchen, but when I (come) home, I saw that she (do) everything herself.
6. When I (arrive) at my office this morning, I realized I (leave) my phone at home.
7. Meghan (not / hear) that song until I (sing) it to her yesterday.
8. James (practise) playing many songs before he (take) part in the school talent show.
9. When the firemen (enter) the building, most of the rooms (be) damaged by flames.
10. To be honest, this movie (not / be) what I (expect) . I’m really disappointed. © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone