Used to - pytania (2)

Uzupełnij pytania poprawną formą czasowników w nawiasach.

1. Which cartoons (you / watch) when you were a child?
2. Why (you / be) so mean to Mr. Jenkins?
3. (Your friends / spend) lunch breaks in the canteen?
4. (Michael / have) piano lessons every Friday?
5. (George’s family / go) to Italy for holidays?
6. What (your kids / love) eating for breakfast?
7. (Anne / be) scared of spiders when she was younger?
8. How many trainings (they / have) when they were in the school soccer team?
9. (Tom’s dog / bark) whenever he saw a postman coming?
10. How often (you / work out) in the gym? © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone