Present Continuous - zdania oznajmujące i przeczenia

Uzupełnij wpisując odpowiednie formy czasowników podanych w nawiasie.

1. My son (try) to bake a cake at the moment.
2. My friends (not have) fun now.
3. Look, your cat (walk) on the fence over there.
4. Be quiet, my grandparents (sleep) .
5. The postman (not knock) on the door. It’s my neighbour.
6. My washing machine (make) a lot of noise.
7 .My sisters (not talk) to their friends.
8. Look, those women over there (cross) the street.
9. I (not read) the book you gave me, but I know I should be.
10. Craig and Laura (fly) to India this weekend. © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone