Mowa zależna (Present Simple, Present Perfect, Past Simple, Future Simple, czasowniki modalne) (1)

Zraportuj co powiedzieli ludzie.

1. I want to go home now.
John said that then.
2. I will not read this book.
Kate said that .
3. My parents have never been abroad.
Tim said that .
4. My sister went to the cinema yesterday.
Chris said that the day before.
5. I must study harder.
I said that harder.
6. My mum doesn’t speak English.
Jane said that English.
7. She hasn’t read the story yet.
I said that yet.
8. This actress became famous in 2013.
John said that in 2013.
9. You should take some painkillers.
My mum told me that painkillers.
10. I didn’t do my homework.
My friend said that she homework. © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone