Zdania warunkowe - typ 2 (3)

Uzupełnij zdania odpowiednią formą czasowników w nawiasie.

1. If I (see) her one more time I (tell) her how much I miss her.
2. I (buy) a beautiful mansion if I (win) the lottery. And you?
3. What (you/do) if your girlfriend (break) up with you?
4. If she (know) the answer she (tell) you.
5. If I (not/want) that job so much I (not/record) that stupid video.
6. I (go) to Rihanna’s concert if I (like) her music. But I don’t.
7. My parents (understand) me better if they (listen) to me more.
8. Do you think you (be) richer if you (invest) that money?
9. They (watch) less TV if they (have) something better to do.
10. If you (can) go abroad where (you/go) ?
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