Zdania warunkowe - typ 1 (3)

Uzupełnij zdania odpowiednią formą czasowników w nawiasie.

1. When I (pass) my exams, I (be) very happy.
2. What (she/say) when she (meet) him?
3. If it (snow) tomorrow, we (not/go) out.
4. You (watch) your favourite show if you (do) your homework.
5. We (go) shopping if we (have) enough time.
6. If I (not/be) tired in the evening we (go) on a trip. What do you say?
7. I (move) out of my apartment when you (buy) this house.
8. I (stop) annoying you if you (promise) to pay me back.
9. Where (you/go) when you (finish) school?
10. If I (not/study) I (fail) my driving test.
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