Tekst z lukami "Life couldn't be better"

Uzupełnij historyjkę wyrażeniami podanymi poniżej i dowiedz się co się stało!

Anna has always been my best friend. We did everything together, I enjoyed spending time with her but I never thought about asking her out on a 1. . I thought it would be awkward and it could destroy our 2. . I did not want to lose her as a friend. She was always the person I would share my secrets with and she was the one I talked to when I had a problem, e.g. at school or when I argued with my parents.
But then there was the moment when I started to look at her a little differently. I noticed that she was an attractive young woman. That’s when I decided to ask her out. We went to the cinema and it was like a perfect date. Since then we were a couple, you know, a boyfriend and a 3.. After a year I went down on my knee, I gave her the ring…she said YES! We were 4. . She wasn’t my girlfriend any longer, she became my 5. . We started planning the 6. . We 7. a few months later in front of our family and friends in a lovely little church in the mountains. She was a beautiful 8., she was wearing a stunning wedding dress and a long veil. After the ceremony we went on a 9. to Bali. It was the best time in our lives, amazing views, perfect weather. Like being in paradise! When we got back we decided that we want to have a child. My wife became 10. after a few months and now we are parents of a 2-year-old little girl. Our daughter’s name is Alice. My family is the most important thing in my life and I am so happy! Life couldn’t be better!