Kultura - Muzyka (EASY)

Wybierz poprawną odpowiedź.

1. Agatha is a member of a school and practises twice a week after classes. She is a beautiful alto.
2. Every beginner would like to become such an outstanding virtuoso as Frederic Chopin.
3. I don't understand the of this song. Can I find it on the Internet?
4. Who music for this film? I could listen to it again and again.
5. My friends and I started a rock when we were teenagers and we still give some concerts now and then.
6. Dorothy is one of the few people I know who listens to music by Beethoven, Bach, or Mozart.
7. There are plenty of musicians in an , eg. violinists, flautists, contrabassists, or trumpeters.
8. Have you ever considered further music education and becoming a professional ? You have such a beautiful voice.
9. For many people Mozart is the greatest of all time. Do you share this opinion?
10. It has always been Emily's dream to on stages around the world and entertain people with her music.
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