Życie społeczne - Przestępstwa i przestępcy (1) (EASY)

Wybierz poprawną odpowiedź.

1. This man is a . He stole a leather bag from this shop yesterday and was caught red-handed.
2. An anonymous person was trying to Terry by threatening to spread untrue information about him if he's not given ?10,000.
3. The was captured a few hours ago and everyone feels relieved that he won't do any more harm to anyone.
4. Financial fraud is a serious against the state which exposes it to real loss and so is severely punished.
5. An empty building burnt down last night. Currently, the police suspect it was a deliberate , but they haven't proved it yet.
6. The who broke into our house last week has just been caught by the police.
7. Everyone was surprised to discover that the who wrote those nasty letters to people turned out to be one of their neighbours.
8. The into a jeweller's was done by two masked people who stole jewellery worth almost ?50,000!
9. I can't believe Adam has been accused of being a serial ! He is said to set fire to over 20 buildings.
10. Some people when they are too poor to buy something, but others steal just for fun, to check if they will be caught.
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