Świat przyrody - Pogoda (EASY)

Wybierz poprawne uzupełnienie luk.

1. It was (padał śnieg) heavily last night, so we can build a huge snowman today.
2. The weather in the mountains changes very quickly: one moment it's (słonecznie) and warm, the next it rains.
3. Look! The sun is finally (świeci) ? let's go out.
4. It was so (mgliście) that I couldn't see my friend walking next to me yesterday morning.
5. The roads are still (mokre) and slippery after yesterday's rainfall.
6. There was a huge (burza) last night, with thunder and lightning.
7. My little daughter has never seen (gradu) and she can't imagine how ice balls can fall from the sky.
8. It's (pada deszcz) , so we'd better take a car or we'll get soaked to the bone.
9. It's getting more and more (wietrznie) so let's close all the windows before we leave.
10. The sky is so (zachmurzone) that it looks like a storm is brewing.
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