Zaimki: one, ones (1)

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1. There are two ways leading to the park. Let's check the shorter .
2. That's already the third part of the story. What do you think about the previous ?
3. – Which of these dresses would be more suitable for the wedding? – Definitely the blue .
4. – I've already tried most flavours in this ice cream shop. – So which do you think is the best?
5. I haven't had a chance to see a lot of this artist's paintings, but the I have already seen were really amazing.
6. Look, this bus is so crowded. Let's wait for the next . It's only ten minutes.
7. This suitcase is too small, so I need a bigger . Could you lend me one?
8. These shoes are so uncomfortable! I won't buy them. I’ll take those black , they fit much better.
9. You've found really awesome presents for Anna and Ben's wedding. The I've bought are not that impressive.
10. The French restaurant in the city centre is really nice, but I haven't been to the in the suburbs yet, so I can't tell you now which is better. © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone