Życie prywatne - Zdania z lukami (2) (EASY)

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1. Your mother’s sister is your .
2. I like talking to Jane, she understands me, she is my best friend, we on very well with each other.
3. Do you sing during Christmas?
4. My brother has a son. His name is Mike. He is my .
5. In my free time I usually the Internet. I look at different websites, chat to my friends and search for information online.
6. Chris and Emma had an argument last night but they have already up with each other.
7. Are you in a ? I mean… do you have a girlfriend?
8. I can’t believe it! My mum is ! She is going to have a baby!
9. My James (my aunt’s son) is like a brother to me. We do everything together. He’s my best friend.
10. Are you an child or do you have siblings?
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