Mowa zależna (be going to) - pytania

Przeczytaj pytania które Paul zadał Kate. Zraportuj pytania,
np.: Paul asked Kate if John was going to attend the conference the following week.

1. Is John going to attend the conference next week?
2. Are you going to buy a new car this year?
3. Is Mia going to study abroad next semester?
4. Are they going to throw a surprise party for their friend?
5. Is the company going to launch a new product soon?
6. Are you going to watch the movie that was just released?
7. Is Peter going to start a new job next month?
8. Are we going to have dinner at that new restaurant tonight?
9. Is the team going to win the championship this season?
10. Are you going to take a vacation during the holidays? © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone