Mowa zależna (wszystkie czasy i konstrukcje gramatyczne) (3)

Przeczytaj zdania jakie napisała Laura. Następnie zraportuj jej wypowiedzi, używając odpowiedniej konstrukcji.
np. Laura said that she was studying for her exams at that time but...

1. I am studying for my exams now, but yesterday I went to the library to borrow some books.
2. Diana works at a hospital and has been there for five years.
3. They played a soccer match last night, and today they are sore from all the running.
4. Harry was reading a book when the phone rang, and now he is answering the call.
5. I haven't visited that museum before, and I am planning to go there next week.
6. The children are playing in the park while their parents were preparing a picnic.
7. I play tennis every Saturday, and next week I will participate in a tournament.
8. Joanna didn't travel to Paris last year, so this year she is planning to visit France.
9. My parents bought a new car two weeks ago, and now they are driving it everywhere.
10. Ollie is studying for his exams, but he will take a break tomorrow to attend a friend's birthday party. © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone