Mowa zależna (Future Simple) - zdania (2)

Przeczytaj przewidywania przyszłości napisane przez Alex. Następnie zraportuj co powiedział.
np. Alex said that we would see robots everywhere in the future.

1. People will see robots everywhere.
2. Cars will mostly run on electricity.
3. We'll be able to talk instantly to anyone in the world using fancy technology.
4. The sun and wind will give us power, so we won't need dirty fuels as much.
5. Scientists will find new cures for illnesses, so people will live longer.
6. We'll have cool virtual reality stuff for games and learning.
7. Computers will get really smart and help us with jobs like driving and making things.
8. Everyone will care about the environment and recycle.
9. People won't live in space or on other planets, they'll stay on Earth.
10. School will change and we'll learn on computers and have fun lessons. © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone