Strona bierna (Present Simple)

Uzupełnij zdania używając strony biernej.

1. Grandma takes the kids to school every day.
The kids to school by grandma every day.
2. Do you tidy your room every evening?
your room every evening?
3. Her mum doesn’t read a story on Tuesdays.
A story by her mum on Tuesdays.
4. Mike doesn’t make coffee in the morning.
Coffee by Mike in the morning.
5. The policeman writes a report every week.
A report by the policeman every week.
6. Does your mum check your homework before you go to school?
your homework by your mum before you go to school?
7. The students do five exercises during a lesson.
Five exercises by the students during a lesson.
8. The cleaners don’t throw away those notebooks.
Those notebooks away by the cleaners.
9. They produce these toys in Germany.
These toys in Germany.
10. Do your parents wash your clothes every Saturday?
your clothes by your parents every Saturday?