Różne (4)

Utwórz słowa z podanych słów tak aby utworzyć logiczne zdania.

1. Our president is a great , don’t you think? LEAD
2. The that I had with my sister was very important to me, she really was my best friend. FRIEND
3. What is your ? What do you do? OCCUPY
4. The most convenient was to prepare supper is to put a meal in the oven for 20 minutes. FREEZE
5. You’re late again! Do you have any ? EXPLAIN
6. My children never do what I tell them to do. They are very . OBEY
7. How kind of you to bring food. I’m starving! That was very ! THOUGHT
8. Tom was sick and tired of being someone’s . That’s why he decided to start his own business. EMPLOY
9. How many people are there in your country? Does the government help them to find shelter? HOME
10. Have you ever thought about taking up as a hobby? CARPENTER