Present Continuous for future, be going to, Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect (4)

uzupełnij zdania odpowiednią formą czasowników w nawiasach.

1. I think Poland (win) the next football game.
2. (It / snow) this time next month?
3. By tomorrow night they (build) the house.
4. I promise I (behave) myself at the party.
5. This weekend I (have) a meeting with the manager. It's been planned weeks ago.
6. So you lost your job. What (you / do) now? Have you decided?
7. This time tomorrow I (sweep) the floor.
8. I have one intention for the New Year: I (study) more.
9. (You / help) me with the cleaning?
10. By 2020 people (learn) everything about other planets.