Sety leksykalne - Duos (5)

Uzupełnij pary zdań tym samym wyrazem, tak aby zdania były logiczne i językowo poprawne.

1. In autumn the children like to play with colourful .
Their mum for work early in the morning
2. What’s the of this exercise?
It’s rude to at people
3. You were , I should go home.
Turn at the crossroad.
4. The whole company is strike!
Don’t give up, keep trying.
5. What’s your favourite of dresses?
Can you 100 words per minute?
6. He from his seat and went out of the room.
My favourite flower is .
7. It’s not difficult, actually, it’s a piece cake.
He was found guilty the crime.
8. It's time to for your favourite holiday destination.
Mind your when you come inside - the ceiling is very low
9. What's the ? August 13th?
They went out on a last night.
10. My uncle to the USA every month.
There were a lot of sitting on my burger. © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone