Sety leksykalne - Duos (4)

Uzupełnij pary zdań tym samym wyrazem, tak aby zdania były logiczne i językowo poprawne.

1. I have to my car somewhere here.
Would you like to go to the ?
2. I called someone else chance.
Oh, the way, did you see Mike yesterday?
3. I need to up with all the other students after being away for two weeks.
It sound perfect, but where’s the ?
4. I hate it when everyone is laughing me.
We have nothing but least we have each other.
5. You have to go to the petrol station up your car with petrol.
To apply for the job first you have to out this form.
6. They’re perfect for each other, they’re like a made in heaven.
Who won the last night?
7. Be careful, don’t down!
Is your favourite season?
8. It’s to you to decide.
No one showed at the meeting so I went home.
9. Did he give you an to do that?
The washing machine is out of .
10. Marta and Dean got last night!
All the students were in a task so they weren’t listening to me. © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone