Sety leksykalne - Duos (3)

Uzupełnij pary zdań tym samym wyrazem, tak aby zdania były logiczne i językowo poprawne.

1. You should keep in .
I told you many times, don't my things!
2. Can you take from me, I need a break.
I keep telling him and again to stop complaining.
3. I’d like to a complaint.
Do you your bed every morning?
4. Could you give me a here? I need help.
I forgot to in my essay, the teacher will be angry.
5. I like that of music.
Josh is a person, I like him.
6. This calls a solution!
I need someone to fill in me.
7. I came with a flu.
We need to cut on administration costs.
8. Is it a good idea to set a company now?
Lisa didn’t come with anything, but fortunately I did.
9. The war out in 1939.
I my leg while skiing.
10. I’d like to take a new sport.
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