Czasowniki frazowe z DOWN

Uzupełnij zdania odpowiednim czasownikiem w odpowiedniej formie.

write * break * calm * note * bring * cut * get * melt * narrow * pull

1. I’ll give you my phone number, why don’t you it down?
2. This building is too old, they’re going to it down.
3. I’m getting fat, I need to down on the amount of sugar I eat.
4. I’m positive about this, nothing is going to me down.
5. My mum’s car down yesterday so I had to walk to school.
6. The teacher said: “ down the answers before you check it with other students.”.
7. There were so many possibilities but we had to it down to three.
8. The ice cream down completely before she came back.
9. Dark and cold winter evenings are always me down.
10. You look very angry. down and tell me what happened. © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone