Czasowniki frazowe z WITH

Uzupełnij zdania odpowiednim czasownikiem w odpowiedniej formie.

come * deal * come * get * do * go * fall * put * live * get

1. I can't with it right now, I'm too tired.
2. She must have down with a flu because she didn’t come to work.
3. Yesterday I out with my best friend. We are not talking to each other because of that.
4. Do you think you could without your mobile phone for a day? Can you manage without it?
5. My mum was thinking about what to do for three hours until she finally up with some great ideas!
6. We can't let him away with it, he did it so he has to be punished.
7. After the break we'll have to on with the work. Otherwise we won't finish on time.
8. My mum couldn't up with our behaviour any longer so she took our phones away as a punishment.
9. I can without this extra money. I don’t need it.
10. I told you this secret, I know it isn’t nice but you’ll just have to with it. © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone