Zakupy i usługi - Zdania z lukami (HARD)

Uzupełnij zdania jednym słowem w odpowiedniej formie.

1. Did you see the newest of Porsche? After seeing it on TV I want to buy this car even more.
2. I bought myself a Hoover but it was rubbish and I was so with it that I decided to take it back to the shop.
3. What is the of Nike? I think it's “Just do it”.
4. How can I help you? Oh no, thank you, I'm not going to buy anything I'm just .
5. If you buy two pairs of socks you will get a 10% on tights.
6. We need to go to the station to get some fuel for the car.
7. The watch I have bought seems to be , it's not working.
8. They couldn't to buy this house, they didn't have enough money.
9. What's the of this lovely mirror? How much does it cost?
10. When are you planning to your car because I'd like to buy it. © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone