Zakupy i usługi - Słowotwórstwo

Utwórz słowa od tych podanych w nawiasach aby uzupełnić zdania.

1. Hi, I would like to make a (complain) . The clock I bought is broken.
2. How much did you pay for your (insure) ?
3. He’s addicted to shopping, he’s a (shop) .
4. I cook everything myself, I don’t buy (convenient) food because it’s not healthy.
5. All our (custom) are important for us.
6. Where are the (fit) rooms?
7. The (enter) to this building is nicely decorated.
8. You can (change) money in the bureau de change.
9. Have you seen the newest (advertise) campaign by Calvin Klein?
10. In this shop there is a wide (vary) of chocolate. © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone