Edukacja - Słowotwórstwo

Utwórz słowa od tych podanych w nawiasach aby uzupełnić zdania.

1. The teacher is checking (attend) .
2. He's a (profession) football player.
3. This student is very (imagination) , he has lots of creative ideas.
4. Do you like to (competition) with others?
5. Are you allowed to use (calculate) during Math lesson.
6. When you work in a team it's important to (cooperation) with everyone.
7. Does Anna go to (religion) education class?
8. Who's (absence) today?
9. A student has to be the best in school to get a (scholar) . It it $20000.
10. Do you have to (memory) these expressions to pass the exam? © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone