Stopniowanie przymiotników - popraw błędy

Stopień wyższy i najwyższy przymiotnika. Przeczytaj zdania i popraw błędy. W każdym zdaniu jest jeden błąd.

1. He’s always been intelligenter than I am.
2. That’s the goodest movie I have ever seen.
3. What is a more safer place to be for your children: school or the street?
4. London is biggest than Paris.
5. Rock music is as louder as pop music.
6. Tony is taller then other boys in his class.
7. Is cycling healthyer than traveling by car?
8. Britain isn’t hoter than Egipt, is it?
9. The worse moment of my life was when my cat died.
10. The expensivest holidays I went on cost $2000.