Nauka i technika - Świat komputerów (HARD)

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1. Maria is very open with everything that is happening in her life right now. She’s even set up a recently. It is like a diary but online.
2. When I want to have some important data with me I can save them on a . It is small, light and I only need a USB port to open it.
3. My mum asked me yesterday how to open a folder with her pictures so I told her to double click on the that shows a little picture frame.
4. Most laptops have touchpads but some users say it’s more comfortable to use a traditional instead.
5. When you want to log in, you need to enter your user name and your .
6. For the last two weeks my computer was on nearly all the time. Today it , I don’t know what happened, it just stopped working. What am I supposed to do know? Huh?
7. My grandma wanted to find some new sewing machines online, so I advised her to use a such as Google or Yahoo.
8. Did you know that it is illegal to music from the Internet without paying for it? Is it only me who thought it was OK only because everyone else did that?!
9. Why can’t you just read this document online? Do you always have to things out? You’re only wasting paper and ink!
10. This computer is really old, if you want to listen to music you need additional . Otherwise you won’t hear anything. © 2023 Wszystkie prawa zastrzeżone